The “Self-Operated” Difference

Keeping Foodservice Focused and Flexible

What is Self-Operated Foodservice?
There are two types of foodservice operations in healthcare facilities: self-operated and contracted. Our self-operated operations are “in house,” meaning the foodservice department is managed by the healthcare facility’s own staff. Contracted operations are outsourced, meaning the foodservice department is run by an outside, third-party foodservice company.

All of AHF’s food and nutrition professionals from operations that are self-operated. Click here to hear why our members value self-operation.

  • Ask the Tough Questions about Contract Managed/Outsourced Foodservice Operations
  • Who receives the rebate dollars?
  • What software fees are required?
  • Is there an annual licensing fee?
  • Will my facility be charged for the off-site training required by contractor?
  • Does contractor or facility pay for registration or certification for contract staff?
  • Are contractor pay grades and annual increases comparable to my facilities?
  • How are you benchmarking against self-operated facilities
  • Can you prove you are better AND less costly than self operation?
  • Will I pay annual human resource and management fees?

Contact AHF headquarters staff for more information on these questions and why self-operated is the best choice for your facility

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