AHF is a diverse community of leaders within the noncommercial foodservice industry with a breadth of experience spanning the spectrum of self-operated healthcare, senior dining and hospitality. The online member community provides a space for our members to engage directly with other industry leaders for advice, guidance, and mentorship to find solutions to complex problems faced by operators in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare foodservice. Over the last month, several topics have been trending in the community with members offering their experience and support…

Call Center Efficiency and Room Service Optimization with AI:

Within a large (500+ bed) hospital environment, a member seeks software solutions to enhance room service efficiency. Responses have not only offered insights into existing software implementations but have also delved into the complexities of integrating such systems with other hospital operations as well as the importance of patient-centric solutions such as customized language options. Discussions delve into the intricacies of ongoing RFP processes, highlighting the community’s commitment to collective problem-solving and informed decision-making.

Hand Hygiene Monitoring and Tracking:

Discussions on hand hygiene monitoring transcend departmental boundaries, with members exchanging best practices for observation training, data reporting, and benchmarking. The community’s emphasis on continuous improvement is evident as members collaborate to refine protocols and leverage technology to enhance hygiene practices across all hospital departments.

Exploring Autonomous Mobile Robots Options:

Interest in autonomous robots for cart transportation between buildings has sparked engaging dialogues. Members share insights into fleet management and operational integration, offering mentorship and assistance to those embarking on similar initiatives including one member who has been using autonomous robots for over ten years with a fleet of over thirty units at a single facility alone.

Diverse Cuisine Requests:

Responding to requests for more inclusive food choices, members share personal favorites for African and Southeast Asian recipes. From Filipino favorites like chicken adobo to suggestions for exploring AHF’s Recipe Index, the community showcases its culinary diversity and willingness to cater to the varied preferences of healthcare professionals. The exchange of recipes and the invitation to reach out personally for assistance fosters connections and celebrates cultural richness within healthcare environments.

POS Downtime Procedures:

Discussions on POS downtime procedures highlight the community’s resilience and adaptability in managing operational disruptions. Members openly share strategies for logging sales, processing payments, and maintaining service continuity during downtime events. The collaborative exchange of contingency plans ensures that facilities are well-prepared to navigate unforeseen challenges.

Insourcing Toolkit for Self-Operated Sites:

Members are seeking resources for transitioning from vendor to self-operation, ranging from comprehensive checklists to project plans. In addition to the plethora of resources available from AHF to support self-operated healthcare foodservice, collaborative sharing of insights and experiences aims to facilitate smooth transitions and operational excellence. Join the conversation today and share your expertise!

Managing Sesame Allergens:

Navigating sesame allergens prompts discussions on exclusion criteria and allergen management practices. Members are invited to share experiences and strategies for interpreting ambiguous food labels, ensuring the safety of patients with food allergies. The community’s collective wisdom is requested to provide clarity and guidance amidst regulatory complexities.

Join the Conversation:

The Online Community is a benefit of AHF membership that welcomes participation from all members of AHF. If you are a current member, make sure that you take advantage of this key resource to find solutions to current challenges you are facing as well as to offer up your advice and expertise as a way to give back to the industry through mentorship and leadership.

If you are not currently a member of AHF, we gladly welcome all self-operated healthcare foodservice and senior dining operations and the business partners who support them. Visit HealthcareFoodservice.org/Be-A-Member to lean more.


4 Mar 2024