Developing Leaders and Transforming Healthcare Foodservice

Healthcare foodservice is about more than just nutrition. It’s a key component of the patient experience and an important element of the journey to health and wellness. As self-operators, we represent “the best of the best” in this dynamic industry … leading the industry in innovation, creativity and efficiency and achieving outstanding outcomes for the individuals we serve.
The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) represents self-operated healthcare foodservice teams all over the nation. We are the leaders who raise the bar for foodservice and hospitality services in both acute care and long-term care facilities. Our members are directors, managers, administrators and chefs—the teams that drive productivity, innovation and patient satisfaction from within the foodservice department. We help our members achieve best practice in areas like management, standard-setting, leadership, benchmarking and culinary excellence for all facets of foodservice, from patient feeding to staff dining and retail concepts. 
If you want to be best, you have to be self-operated … And if you’re self-operated, you need to be part of AHF!
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