AHF Benchmarking Express


AHF’s Benchmarking Express™ is a robust online program offering streamlined reporting, performance indicators, reports, statistics, and trend graphs that drive success. The program is free to AHF’s self-operated acute care and senior dining members. It is a sophisticated system where members can enter monthly data points and analyze their operation across 30+ Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It goes beyond a simple annual dashboard of industry metrics, giving your operation data a home while providing real-time benchmarking functionalities.

Six reasons to start benchmarking with AHF today:

  1. Free for operators with their AHF Membership 
  2. Access 30+ key performance indicators to help you tell administrators your story and successes
  3. Access sophisticated reports, graphs and more
  4. It’s real-time! Enter monthly data and immediately start benchmarking
  5. Customized for self-operated foodservice facilities
  6. Helps protect you from contractor intrusions & takeovers

A Key Tool for Any Operator

  • Provides new directors understanding of their operation
  • Evaluates performance and identifies areas for improvement
  • Supports budget planning and preparation
  • Prepares organizations to fight contractor bids and intrusions
  • Validates department’s value
  • Provides a personalized financial & KPI dashboard for each facility
  • Offers access to benchmarking training and mentoring from AHF’s benchmarking pros

Access Reports, Graphs, and More

  • Access annual reports of key industry data points with simple
  • Pull validation reports, personal dashboards, and more for 30+ KPIs
  • Compare your facility using year-over-year trend graphs, scatter plots, and our robust benchmarking analysis tool
  • Export, save, or print any report, graph, or table you see in the system at the click of a button

Take Advantage of System-Level Functionalities

  • Easily add multi-location access to administrator profiles, or multiple administrators profiles
  • Unlimited access for institutional AHF members to view or edit data
  • Compare system locations to one another for all 30+ KPIs
  • Easily pull key reports, and switch between locations