Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

AHF is seeking Board of Directors and Leadership Development nominations for election to serve for leadership terms beginning January 1, 2025. Nominations will be accepted until March 5th. Thereafter, the Leadership Development Committee will review the nominations and determine the slate for the membership to vote upon. 

Here are the open positions:

  • President Elect – 3 year term – (1 Open Slot) 
  • Treasurer Elect – 2 year term – (1 Open Slot) 
  • Secretary – 2 year term – (1 Open Slot) 
  • Director at Large – 2 year term – (2 Open Slots) 
  • Leadership Development Committee members – 1 year term – (2 Open Slots)


Demonstrated Characteristics and Qualifications for Board Eligibility:

  1. Experience on an AHF committee for at least 1 year strongly preferred
  2. Willingness to advance the AHF mission and vision
  3. Willingness to represent AHF on the public stage and throughout the industry
  4. Support from your employer to serve
  5. Progressive leadership experience
  6. Ability to attend in-person annual conference, and in-person meetings (AHF funded)
  7. Ability to serve in a board capacity on AHF committees
  8. Commitment to actively participate in board discussion, work, and strategic efforts
  9. Ability to have professional, respectful, and collaborative relationships with AHF members and staff
  10. Continuous AHF board service for AHF executive committee roles is preferred


Who should consider AHF leadership? You! AHF is a strong and diverse community of operators from across the country. AHF leadership is a fantastic experience and a career growth opportunity. We encourage operator members from all backgrounds to apply. Our goal is to develop a diverse set of leaders that are representative of our membership and industry. Foodservice Directors, Managers, Chefs, Dieticians, and others are encouraged to apply. We recommend that nominees have previous experience on an AHF committee, or in chapter leadership for Board consideration. 

2024 Leadership Development Committee Chair: Robert Darrah, AHF Immediate Past President

2024 Elections Calendar

  • February/March
    • Nominations Open (February 19 March 5)
    • Ballot Approved by Leadership Development Committee
    • Board to Ratify Ballot
  • March/April
    • Elections (March 25 – April 14th)
    • Board of Directors Ratify Results 
    • Candidates notified of results
  • May
    • Results announced

For further information, contact:

To Submit Your Nomination:
Complete the nomination form online and attach a copy of your professional curriculum vitae or resume before the deadline. Click the button below to be redirected to the form or simply complete the form down below.