About Self Op Support Program

AHF Self-Operated Support Program

AHF’s Self-Operated Project Team mission is to support, encourage, and engage facilities to be self-operated or stay self-operated.

The program provides: 

  1. Resources to self-operators who need to prove their value
  2. Resources to operations looking to becoming self-operated
  3. Support to newly minted self-operated facilities and organizations
  4. Support to operations under threat from contractor(s)

If you are encountering the issues above, submit an SOS request below. The SOS Team is made up of current AHF leaders, subject matter experts, consultant partners, and operators who can lend support to individuals in urgent need.

Resources & Tools

AHF members can access a library of supportive documentation. New documents and resources are released regularly. 

Contractor Threat Resources: For facilities under threat from a contractor, transitioning to self-op status or needing to prove value. 

  • NEW Responding to a Contractor Threat Template Toolkit (Proposal + PPT)
  • Comparing Contract Vs. Self-Operated Foodservice
  • Asking the Hard Questions about Outsourced Foodservice Operations
  • Making an Informed Decision about Contract Management 
  • AHF Benchmarking Express Program
  • SOS Request for Assistance & Consultant Partner Assistance Program
  • Fast Contractor Facts (Update Coming Soon!)
  • After the Contractors (Update Coming Soon!)

Financial Resources: For operators looking for financial best practices, presentations, tracking templates, and more. 

  • Financial Best Practices in Food & Nutrition Services
  • Self-Op SWOT Analysis Tool
  • Monthly/Quarterly Annual Reporting PPT Template
  • AHF Benchmarking Express Program

Regulatory Resources: Tools to help prepare for regulatory surveys.

  • AHF Regulatory Resource Center
  • Daily Weekly Success Checklists

Operational Resources: Tools to help improve operational efficiency.

  • AHF’s 7 Operational Standards of Food & Nutrition Services
  • AHF Clinical Nutrition Management Section
  • Monthly/Quarterly Annual Reporting PPT Template
  • Monthly Scorecard and reporting dashboard templates
  • Daily/Weekly Success Checklist
  • Facility SWOT Analysis
  • Patient Engagement Checklist
  • Retail Engagement Checklist

Coming Soon:

  • Emergency Preparedness Guide(s)
  • Zero Based Staffing Guide(s)

Consultant Partner Assistant Program (CPAP)

When a self-operator needs more advanced assistance, AHF’s SOS Team will pass the individual along for a complimentary conversation with one of our consultant partners. These consultants will provide 60-90 minutes of free support. If the individual needs more support beyond that they can either continue working with the SOS team or decide to work with the consultant for a fee. Either way, AHF will work to get you the support needed to protect your operation.

AHF’s Supporting Consultant Partners

  • Donald Miller & Associates (DM&A)
  • Kestgo 
  • Rippe Associates
  • Ruck Shockey Associates (RSA)