How to Start a Chapter

Start a Regional Chapter

Starting a regional chapter with AHF is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. AHF chapter, as you might know, are the national Association’s regional link to operators across the country. Chapters are formed a run by volunteer operators and business partners with an interest in creating regional or state networking events. 

Forming an AHF chapter requires interested operators to gather together an inaugural board of directors, outline a plan of work, and get official documents and registrations secured. A checklist of required items, as well as a step-by-step guide on starting an AHF chapter, can be found below in the Chapter Handbook. 

If you are interested in forming a new chapter, review the checklist below and download a copy of the Chapter Handbook. Reach out to AHF staff when you’re ready to start the process.

Questions? Contact AHF Staff at [email protected]