Sponsorship Deadlines

Advertisement & Sponsor Deadlines

Below you will find a high-level overview of due dates and information you might need to know about AHF’s sponsorship and advertising/marketing deadlines. Below are relevant points of contact for any questions or deliverables.


Booth Selection: Booth selection will take place in late spring (usually April). A member of our staff will be in touch once a formal date and more information has been announced. The selection order will be based on the sponsorship level and payment date. 

For inclusion in the spring BP Directory release, you must secure and pay for your sponsorship package before March 31st. We will update the directory for those who miss the deadline, but we cannot guarantee you will be included in the initial release of the Spring Edition. 

Quick Links: Specific information by sponsorship level

Please note
: AHF staff will reach out at least 3-4 times to request marketing collateral or responses for deliverables from your identified contact(s). If you do not respond on time, you may jeopardize your opportunity to be included. Please mark down the deadlines below in your calendar.