Our People

Theses committees provide an opportunity for AHF members to use their unique experiences and skills to promote and defend the self-operated healthcare foodservice industry.

AHF’s Mission

To connect healthcare leaders through shared knowledge, professional development, and invaluable resources.

We are Passionate About What We Do

AHF is here to empower us all in our drive to provide the best. AHF provides educational opportunities, networking events, and professional tools for our members… in short we provide the resources that make our members indispensable to their organizations. AHF members have access to:

  • Continuing education opportunities online and in-person
  • AHF Benchmarking – an online tool that helps members document and manage their operational costs and compare against other member facilities
  • Real-time idea exchange through our online member community
  • A vendor network that supports the AHF mission, and instructs AHF members on new and innovative products, technologies, and services
  • Networking opportunities, awards, and recognition
  • Magazine and website that keeps AHF members informed and connected
  • Certification programs with affiliated organizations

Want to learn more?
Contact us at 800-899-1109 or email for information about joining or supporting AHF.