AHF Committees

In addition to the Board of Directors, AHF’s committees work to guide the association’s strategic initiatives. These committees provide an opportunity for AHF members to use their unique experiences and skills to promote and defend the self-operated healthcare foodservice industry. 

Joining an AHF Committee: Committee terms are from January 1st to December 31st for all committees except for the Conference Planning Committee, Awards Committee, and Culinary Competition Committee which begin in October to align with conference planning timelines. Each August/September AHF puts out a call for volunteers for committees. If you are interested in joining an AHF committee next year please complete the form below.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee develops, maintains and administers the AHF Awards Program annually presented at the Annual Conference. See the Committee’s work. 

Term: January to December.

Benchmarking Committee

The Benchmarking Committee reviews and makes recommendations for the use and maintenance of AHF Benchmarking Express program and develops tools and resources that support program use. Learn more about Benchmarking.

Term: January to December.

Chapter Advisory Board

The Chapter Advisory Board is an official and direct link between the chapters, membership, national board of directors, and national headquarters staff.

Term: January to December.

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is chaired by an operator and a business partner. Members of the committee include the president, president-elect, treasurer, business partners, and other members as deemed necessary by the AHF president. The CPC plans the Annual Conference. Conference information. 

Term: October to August.

Culinary Competition

The Culinary Competition Committee is responsible for developing and administering the Culinary Competition during the Annual Conference including soliciting entries, selecting finalists, securing judges, and program execution. Check out the Culinary Competition.

Term: October to August. 

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) provides insight to create useful publications for AHF members. The EAB assists with developing topics on-trend current and emerging practices to increase awareness and resources for members. The committee’s primary work focusing on identifying, writing, and recommending articles for S.O. Connected quarterly publication. Explore past S.O. Connected issues.

Term: January to December

Education Committee

The Education Committee creates the tools and educational resources that promote best practices. Duties center on curriculum development, including webinars, educational sessions, and identifying subject matter experts. See upcoming AHF events.

Term: January to December

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for succession planning for future AHF leaders and determining the ballot for AHF elections. This committee is a combination of appointed and elected positions, it cannot be volunteered for.

Term: January to December.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops strategies to drive membership growth and submits recommendations for membership categories, structure, and costs.

Term: January to December.

Self-Operated Project Team

The Self-Op Project Team develops resources to promote and defend self-operated foodservice and offers assistance to all AHF Operator Members. The committee works to develop resources, documents, webinars, and more to assist self-operators in staying self-operated, defending their position or becoming self-operated. See the team’s work and publications.

Term: January to December.

State of the Industry Report Development Committee

The State of the Industry Report Development Committee is responsible for developing the inaugural report in 2021. The report will provide insights into the healthcare foodservice industry. Committee members are responsible for working to develop the report, identify new sections or target data, and releasing the final product. 

Term: January to December.