Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

AHF works to build critical access points to the self-operated healthcare/LTC communities at every level and stage of your sponsorship. Our annual packages include both year-round and conference-specific benefits for in-person touchpoints. AHF estimates that the self-operated facilities account for more than $8 billion in annual food purchases of the total $12 billion US market. When you add equipment, technology,  and service spends into the mix the number grows exponentially. 

Our sponsors agree that our members are highly engaged, come ready to find trusted vendors, and have purchasing power. Not only is the healthcare foodservice market growing, but the portion of that market belonging to self-operated facilities is also growing. It is estimated that approximately 60-70% of the healthcare and LTC foodservice industry are self-operated. 

Operators w. Buying Power
$1 Mill+ Annual F&B Purchases

"Extremely well done. One of the most enjoyable and worthwhile conferences we’ve attended. So many people were engaged"

2019 First Time Sponsor

2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a 2021 annual sponsor today to put your company’s brand in front of hundreds of operator members in acute care and senior living facilities. Tap into our buying power. Our sponsorships always include year-round benefits and conference benefits to help sponsors maximize their impact. 

Need Immediate Assistance? Contact AHF’s Executive Director, Leah Reily, at 1-800-899-1109 x700 or email: [email protected]

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About AHF

AHF is an organization built to support and further self-operated facilities. Our members are directors, managers, chefs, administrators, educators, and other industry leaders and their facilities. AHF institutional members include single to multi-site facilities with locations all across the country. AHF has both acute care and long-term care facilities and operators as members. Facility sizes range from smaller (0-50) bed locations to larger (451+) bed locations. 

Who Should Sponsor? Business partners in the foodservice, distribution, technology, software, equipment, and consulting services fields are encouraged to join AHF.

Build Critical Relationships with AHF

This is your chance to support operators and help them innovate and improve efficiencies. In a recent survey, operators noted that they will be looking for new and unique ways to deliver patient and customer experiences with less. More than that AHF’s top two listed membership benefits were networking and building relationships with AHF business partners. Let us help you build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. 

By partnering with AHF, you’ll have access to mailing lists, online communities, advertising, exhibiting at our national conference, and more. Sponsors stand shoulder to shoulder with operators and are a critical piece of AHF’s ability to champion self-operated facilities. In short, AHF’s opportunities and ways to engage with this vital market are endless.