AHF's Healthcare Foodservice Works Week

About AHF’s Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week¬†

In 1985, one of the legacy organizations of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) set aside the first week of October to honor and celebrate Healthcare Foodservice Workers. Then, in 1989, Congress officially recognized the first full week of October as Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week.

During this weeklong celebration, we take the time to celebrate the dedicated professionals who are the key ingredient in delivering nutrition excellence to patients and residents! Healthcare foodservice workers are integral to the seamless operation of healthcare facilities on a daily basis. Their multifaceted roles include catering meetings, facilitating take-out orders for both staff and visitors, and, most importantly, crafting nutritious and tailored meals for patients from diverse backgrounds and with varying health requirements.

Beyond the visible aspects of their work, healthcare foodservice workers excel behind the scenes. They skillfully manage extensive inventories of food required to prepare hundreds and thousands of meals, ensuring that healthcare facilities run smoothly and patients receive the nourishment they need for their recovery. Their unyielding dedication and attention to detail are truly commendable, contributing to the overall well-being of patients, residents, guests, and employees.

Thank you for all that you do!

Future Dates

2024: October 6 – 12, 204

2025: October 5 – 11, 2025

2026: October 4 – 10, 2026

2027: October 3 – 9, 2027

2028: October 1 – 7, 2028

2029: October 7 – 13, 2029

2030: October 6 – 12, 2030