As we wrap up Black History Month, let us continue to reflect on the profound impact of Black Americans throughout history. February has been a time for reflection and celebration, highlighting the vibrant tapestry of Black-American/African-American culture.

In our healthcare foodservice and senior dining industry, it’s essential to authentically recognize the contributions of our diverse staff and the customers they serve. The AHF Community has embraced this call to action, going beyond mere recognition to amplify voices, share stories, and foster understanding.

Throughout this month, our feeds have been filled with posts honoring the spirit of Black History Month. From innovative menu offerings rooted in African and African-American culinary traditions to educational programs celebrating Black-American/African-American healthcare professionals, foodservice and hospitality workers. AHF truly is a community of individual members who choose to lead with authenticity everyday.

As we look ahead to Women’s History Month, let us continue to celebrate the contributions of Black/African American women, who often remain unseen and forgotten by history. Their resilience has shaped our industry in profound ways, and it’s important to acknowledge their vital role as we strive for inclusivity and equity. Together, let’s honor the resilience and achievements of Black- and African-American women as we work towards a brighter future for healthcare foodservice, senior dining and hospitality.

AHF is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within our Association and the industry as a whole. With this objective in focus, we are actively developing a robust library of tools and resources to support our members’ DEIB initiatives. If you are aware of any valuable resources, we encourage you to contribute by sharing them with the AHF network either via the online member community or via email at [email protected].  These resources will be incorporated into the database or utilized in the creation of new materials aimed at advancing diversity and inclusion efforts.

Additionally, the Self-Operated Support Team, in collaboration with the Education Committee, leadership, and staff, will compile suggested resources and develop tools for dissemination among our members. If you would like to contribute, please send your suggestions to [email protected].

We extend our gratitude for your ongoing dedication to nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment of belonging within our community.


27 Feb 2024