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The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) is thrilled to announce the top five culinary teams from the healthcare foodservice, senior dining, and hospitality industries selected to compete in this year’s AHF Culinary Competition! Teams from Illinois, Indiana,Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania have chosen ingredients from two curated market baskets and created nutritious and delicious recipes that adhere to the strict guidelines for cost and nutrition outlined in the Culinary Competition Rules.

Join us in San Antonio to watch these talented teams compete for the gold as they prepare their dishes for a panel of guest judges, including last year’s gold medalist!


Faith Werling & Michael Secaur

Adams Health Network

Decatur, IN


Trina Burks & Markayla Vickery

Bethany Children’s Health Center

Bethany, OK


Wes Lieberher & Mynor Garcia

Endeavor Health

Naperville, IL


Brian Dixson & Brianne George

Geisinger Medical Center

Muncy, PA


Joshua Sabedra &  DeCleasha Martin

INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center

Oklahoma City, OK


The selection process for our culinary competition finalists is highly competitive and follows a blinded evaluation method. Each submission is assessed based on a strict rubric that adheres to the AHF Culinary Competition rules document, which is published at the beginning of the year. This ensures fairness and consistency, as all entries are judged without any identifying information and scored strictly according to the established criteria. So please give a big hearty congratulations to the five finalist teams selected!


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