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Archived Webinar List

AHF hosts between 6-12 free webinars per year for its members and the self-operated community. Below is a listing of recently held webinars. Use the menu above to find upcoming live webinars. 

Members can access and watch recordings of past webinars using our online learning platform. Once you have watched a recording a certificate will be automatically issued to you. Past webinars will be available for credit until 1 year after the date they were held.  You must log in using your AHF credentials to access the archive and watch webinars. 

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Foodservice Budgets: Doing More With Less

March 23, 2021

Speakers: Anthony Baffo, PhD, St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center & Joe Ninnemann, Advocate Auorora Health

As we look ahead into 2021 and beyond, one thing has become abundantly clear in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic: operators will have to do more with less. Join Anthony Baffo, Director of Food and Nutritional Services at Catholic Health, and Joseph Ninneman, Regional Director of System Food & Nutrition System for Advocate Aurora Health, as they outline their lessons learned and their plan moving forward to achieve more with limited resources while keeping patient satisfaction scores high.

Dairy on the Menu: Bone Health, Wellness & Inspiration for Every Healthcare Menu

February 24, 2021
Speakers: Kelsey M. Mangano, PhD, RD and Sonja Kehr, CEC, CDM

Ensuring good bone health across the lifespan is essential to maintain activities of daily living and prevent age-related fractures and disability. There are several strategies to promote bone health, including proper nutrition and engaging in regular physical activity. In this webinar, Kelsey M. Mangano, PhD, RD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Nutritional Sciences Program at The University of Massachusetts, Lowell, will discuss the importance of bone health throughout the lifespan, highlight recent research on the role of dairy and its unique nutrient profile in helping to build bone mass and preventing osteoporosis, and share emerging research related to the gut microbiome and bone health. Chef Sonja Kehr, General Mills Corporate Chef, will help you put this information into practice by providing menu inspiration across different healthcare settings – from hospitals to senior living, cafeterias to in-room dining and more– that incorporate dairy and other foods with bone-building nutrients.

Disasters aren’t something to just plan for…they can happen to you. Are you prepared?

December 17, 2020
Speakers: Ralph H Goldbeck, AIA, Amy Lewis, MBA, Eric Eisenberg, CEC

In today’s environment operators are dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic often making it seem as though another disaster occurring in addition is a slight possibility. However, for many, the 2020 pandemic was coupled with localized and widespread disasters from fires, to flooding, to storms. You will hear from Senior Living Operator, Eric Eisenberg, about his personal experience evacuating thousands of residents to multiple locations across his region in the face of fast moving, devastating, forest fires.  Eric will join Ralph Goldbeck and Amy Lewis as they share their experiences, resources, and tips for developing disaster preparedness plans to make sure you are prepared for the next emergency you will face. Participants will walk away from the session with a better understanding of how to develop a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), update existing plans, or create new plans for emergencies you may not have even considered.

Real or Not Real: Interpreting the Nutrition Research Beyond the Headlines

November 17, 2020
Speakers: Cynthia Moore, PhD, RDN, Tyson Foods

A webinar presented by Tyson Foods. We see interesting headlines every day, especially on social media! One of our roles as dietitians and nutrition professionals is to communicate nutrition science accurately and in meaningful ways for our clients and customers. Our Code of Ethics addresses this, too.  This webinar will give you some insight from the newest Code of Ethics principles related to this topic, a brief refresher on research methods and interpretation of results, and then how to find the primary resource, the actual peer-reviewed research article behind the headlines and HOW to FIND IT FAST!

The AHF Self-Op Playbook

July 14, 2020

Speakers: The Self Operated Project Team

AHF’s July 2020 webinar gives a detailed overview of the available tools, resources, tips, and programs that AHF has in place to help self-operated facilities stay self-operated. AHF’s core mission is to expand and support the self-op community. It has spent the last 2 years building an extensive program that includes documents and publications as well as live SOS support to confidentially assist operators in battling contractor threats or requests to prove value. Furthermore, AHF’s dedicated consultants offer a free hour of support to those in need courtesy of AHF’s partnership with each participating company.

Archived Webinar List

Below is a list of previously held AHF webinars. If you attended previous webinars and need replacement certificates for audit purposes, please email [email protected].

2020 Webinars (Available on Online Learning Center):

  • Disasters aren’t something you just plan for.. they can happen to you. Are you prepared? (Sponsored by Kitchens to Go) (December 2020)
  • Real or Not Real: Interpreting the Nutrition Research Beyond the Headlines (Sponsored by Tyson) (November 2020)
  • The AHF Self-Op Playbook (July 2020)
  • Past, Present & Future State of Kitchens in Healthcare and Senior Dining (Sponsored by Parts Town) (May 2020)
  • Keeping Work Human (June 2020)
  • COVID-19 2nd Town Hall (April 2020)
  • COVID-19 Inaugural Town Hall (March 2020)
  • 3-Part Series: Staffing, Retention & Recruitment (Nov 2019- March 2020)

2019 Webinars

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Sustainability and Clean Labeling
  • Disaster Planning
  • Dealing With Malnutrition
  • Maximizing GPOs and the Supply Chain
  • Succession Planning

2018 Webinars

  • Beyond Our Doors: Getting Out of the Hospital and Into the Community
  • Influencing Patient Perception: Delivering a WOW Experience
  • Conflict Resolution: Everyone Has to Deal With It
  • Social Media: Building Your Brand; Overcoming Barriers
  • Staffing Issues: Connecting With Employees for Optimal Retention
  • Behavior Engineering: Getting Folks to Eat Healthier

2017 Webinars

  • Are You Ready for 2018 (and Beyond)?
  • Innovations in Food Service Savings
  • Negotiating Skills for the Best Outcomes
  • C-Suite Savvy
  • What’s Hot on the Regulatory Burner
  • Building Your Best Team

2016 Webinars

  • New Disaster Concepts
  • Invoice Price vs. Plated Cost
  • Food Safety Trends and Systems in Healthcare Foodservice
  • TJC & CMS Requirements
  • Health Reform
  • Putting Health, Sustainability, and Flavor on the Menu

2015 Webinars

  • Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
  • Outsmart the Outsource
  • Building and Maintaining a Strong Social Media Footprint
  • 18 Steps to Remain Self-Op
  • The Revolution of Retail
  • Implementation of Nutritional Labeling

2014 Webinars

  • Gluten-Free and Food Allergen-Friendly: What You Need to Know
  • Cost Reduction
  • The Art of Networking
  • Managing More than Food and Nutrition Services
  • Making a Case for Profitable Outpatient MNT Service
  • Dietitian Order Writing

2013 Webinars

  • New Applications in Technology
  • Developing Your Best Team
  • Surviving a Consolidation
  • Culinary Competition Webinar
  • Retail Your Story

2012 (Or Older) Webinars

  • Results Driven Patient Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Utilizing Business Partner Relationships
  • AHF Mentoring Webinar
  • Building Your Best Team
  • Outsmart the Outsource: Stay Self-Op
  • The Impact of Healthcare Reform
  • Implementation of Nutritional Labeling